Asset Management
We offer both discretionary and advisory mandates.
It is a blend between human experience with our investment process. It goes without saying we will stick to the investment declaration the Group designed for HIA taking in consideration the regulatory environment we are part of. Our aim is to provide consistent compounded returns over time while respecting strict risk parameters included in the investment declaration, dictating the paradigm of our products and investment solutions selection.
Our management style is particularly appropriate for Core portfolios where long-term objectives prevail.
This services is delivered in two different modes:
• Advisory
• Discretionary
The investment strategy is decided together with the client in order to better comply with her/his risk appetite. We are based in Switzerland, a safe financial and political environment with a long tradition in Private Banking and Wealth Management.
In conclusion we also offer access to an exclusive business network that empowers our customers to penetrate new markets and participate in club deals. This includes Tax Compliance and rebalancing of the portfolio according to the new US standards.

Financial Reporting
We customise our services to meet needs of Individual and Institutional clients and

through our global and integrated approach we could offer other related services such as:

  • Tax reporting**
  • Portfolio analysis and consolidation**
  • Relocation – Euro citizens to USA *
  • US citizens to EUROPE/Switzerland*
  • Succession*
  • Performace analysis
  • Income & Capital Gain/Loss report

**in compliance with ADV
*in cooperation within its strategic partner Dudifid

Life Insurance Policy for US persons
Service customized for US Persons structured to comply with US legislative requirements. Assets will be held in a separate account and managed in accordance with one or more investment programs.

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)
It is basically an integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors investing in processes in a wide spectrum of issues. Usually not part of financial environments might include corporations involved in the climate change, water management, health and safety policies to protect against accidents, how they manage their supply chains. They also look after workers treatment, corporate culture and innovation.